SmartCode Local
Practical Techniques for Sustainable Neighborhoods
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Resources for sustainable neighborhoods:

Project for Lean Urbanism

Design For Planning

Center for Applied Transect Studies

SmartCode Central

Congress for the New Urbanism

The Charter of the New Urbanism

Form-Based Codes Institute

Better Cities and Towns

The Town Paper

Google Maps of SmartCodes Adopted and In Progress
assembled by PlaceMakers LLC

Essential Texts for Walkable Communities:

The Smart Growth Manual

SmartCode Version 9 and Manual

Suburban Nation

The SmartCode Solution to Sprawl

Sustainable Urbanism

Form-Based Codes


Sandy Sorlien's The Schuylkill Survey
PlaceMakers' PlaceShakers and NewsMakers
John Massengale's blog
Steve Mouzon's Original Green
Kaid Benfield's Switchboard
Laurence Aurbach's Ped Shed
Jim Kunstler's Daily Grunt

Sandy's Other Site:

Rural-to-Urban Photographs




Center for Applied Transect Studies

SmartCode Version 9 and Manual

Transect Collection Photographic Resource


CNU 23:
Meeting the Demand
for Walkable Places

Dallas, Texas, 2015
Wed. 4/29 11:30 AM
CNU Core session,
Transect & Coding