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The Pocket Code v2.2 is only five pages, providing the essentials of zoning and coding according to your Neighborhood Transect. Where walkability matters, the human scale matters; thus maximums are more important than minimums. The Pocket Code reduces many of the usual minimums to zero. It is known as a Lean Code. To read more about Lean Codes, see Sandy's paper with Andrés Duany on the Lean Urbanism website.

The Pocket Code may be used alone to support a Transect-based plan, or in conjunction with other Transect-based tools to help create such plans. It may be used for rezoning of small infill areas and sprawl repair without Transect-based plans.

Download the Pocket Code here:

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Pocket Code


Center for Applied Transect Studies

SmartCode Version 9 and Manual

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CNU 23:
Meeting the Demand
for Walkable Places

Dallas, Texas, 2015
Wed. 4/29 11:30 AM
CNU Core session,
Transect & Coding