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SmartCode Local Master Class

The SmartCode is a positive solution for the problem of sprawling, unsustainable patterns of development and the decline of downtown business districts. The SmartCode template is free to any municipality or urban design firm, but it must be calibrated for local character.

Sandy Sorlien offers on-site training in SmartCode calibration as small 1-3 day workshops. She travels to your planning office or design firm to train your staff, or holds sessions locally in instructive Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Participants will learn to analyze urbanism, complete a Synoptic Survey, translate conventional zoning to Transect Zones, incorporate supplementary Modules, apply Special Requirements, and follow steps for complete calibration of the model SmartCode for local conditions. Each person will work on an individual calibration after the whole team explores and discusses the study area. The class is structured for up to 6 people (a small charrette team).

The class is intended for:

  • municipal and county planners
  • private planners and urban designers
  • architects and landscape architects
  • land use attorneys

Read more about the SmartCode and transect-based planning at the Center for Applied Transect Studies.

"Thank you Sandy for such a great class. I really do feel like I came away with a much better understanding of the SmartCode. Thank you for opening my eyes to a code that I had a lot of preconceived notions about. I am really excited about getting to use this code in practice."

- Leanne Voit, Planner, Buffalo, NY


Center for Applied Transect Studies

SmartCode Version 9 and Manual

Transect Collection Photographic Resource


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